We have released a brand new version of Knowledgebase Manager Pro. Version 6.0 includes support of Microsoft SQL database engine, user Single Sign-On system, and export of articles to PDF format.

Microsoft SQL, Single Sign-On and PDF Export features in KMP v6.0

MSSQL Support: Microsoft SQL 2005 and Microsoft SQL 2008

We are proud to announce that the new major version of Knowledgebase Manager Pro has been released. Our primary desire in this version is extending the variety of platforms supported by Knowledgebase Manager Pro.

Don’t like mySQL? Big deal. Microsoft SQL is now supported!

You may already know that it is written on PHP, so PHP is always required to run this software (unless you’re using the hosted version). On the other hand it is pretty modest about web server software – it works great on Apache, on IIS, and even on Lighttpd and nginx. Until the present moment it had had a strict requirement to database storage – only MySQL and nothing else. Although MySQL is available on Windows as well as on Linux, some companies that are using Microsoft SQL already would not want to support two database engines. This is one of the reasons why we decided to add MS SQL support to Knowledgebase Manager Pro. From now on you are free to choose which database to use!

Seamlessly integrates with Single Sign-On

Another great and popular feature added in the new version is Single Sign-On. It solves the problem of entering credentials by user when he uses multiple web services. Let your users to have one login for everything, login once to access everything including KMP.

PDF Export to read and print articles offline

Third major change in KMP v6.0 is ability to export articles to PDF. You can add custom header and footer, and custom styles to exported PDFs. It generates table of contents and bookmarks for easier navigation.

What’s next? We listen to You!

By the way, MS SQL support, PDF Export and Single Sign-On were in the top 5 popular suggested ideas in our Ideas Lab. Feel the power of your suggestions ;)

Learn More about New Features

Visit the What’s New page to learn more about new features of Knowledgebase Manager Pro v6.0.

Try it now!

Try Online Demo of Knowledgebase Manager Pro v6.0. You can play with any new feature whenever you want. All existing demo accounts have been upgraded automatically.

If you already own this product, login to the control panel of your Knowledgebase Manager Pro to launch update. Read the update instructions carefully, they have been changed.

Please, leave a comment below and tell us how you feel about this release. We would really appreciate this!

  • Anonymous
    Congratulations, everyone! We have passed an outstanding mile stone. This is not only the major update of KMP, but also we are playing a big game with MSSQL.
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