Updated version of knowledge base software by Web-Site-Scripts released.

New Version of Knowledge Base Software has Left the Building! Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.2 Released

Knowledge Base Software

After four months of toil and sweat from the Knowledgebase Manager Pro development team, the day has finally arrived. Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.2 installation and update packages are now available for download. Thank you to all our beta testers and customers who contributed to the release.

What’s new?

The new version of our knowledge base software delivers a number of powerful features like improved search which lets you find anything in your knowledge base. You can see the short-list of major changes of the new version. Refer to the What’s New in Knowledge Base Manager Pro v5.2 page for more details.

Article templates

Lets you create reusable pieces of content, including text parts, tables, images, videos, or any other preformatted snippets. We have included some templates to the package for your convenience.

Search and indexation of document files attached to articles

Search indexation of attachments lets you search within their contents. Lots of popular document formats are supported including PDF, RTF, Doc, Docx, XLS, XLSX, and others.

Natural language full-text search

Natural language search uses natural language processing to understand the nature of the question and then to search and return a subset that contains the answer to the question. This technique greatly improves quality of search results.

Boolean full-text search

Boolean search supports logical operators like "AND", "OR", "NOT, "+", "-", etc, to refine your search query by including or excluding some words from search results, change value of certain words, and searching for exact phrases.

Optional query expansion for one word search

Query expansion is generally useful option when a search phrase is too short, which often means that the user is relying on implied knowledge that the full-text search engine lacks. For example, a user searching for "database" may really mean that "MySQL", "Oracle", "DB2", and "RDBMS" all are phrases that should match "databases" and should be returned, too.

Highlighting of keywords in search results

Words from the search phrase are always highlighted in search results, so you can check them with a quick look.

New powerful search applied to active response suggestions

When user starts typing a question to the Ask Question form, active response searches the knowledgebase for the relevant articles and suggests them to him. Suggestions are much more effective now due to the natural language processing of user input.

Instant search suggest for front-end and back-end

When you start typing your search phrase, instant search suggest runs a quick search by article titles, category titles, and attachment names in order to bring possible results before you submit the search form.

RTL front-end templates (for Right-to-Left languages)

New version has the option that enables right-to-left languages support in the front-end and in article editor.

New theme for knowledge base

Additional front-end theme has been designed and included to the new version. You can use it as is or create your own theme based on it.

Expand/Collapse button for front-end tree and category selector combobox

It is easy to find a category or an article in a branchy tree since each tree has expand/collapse button for your convenience. You may notice this improvement in category selector comboboxes and in the front-end category tree.

Bulk edit of permissions for categories

It is now possible to edit permissions for a group of selected categories at a time.

Animation preference for better performance

User interface animation can be turned off in the new version. This option greatly improves performance. Animation is disabled by default in this version.

Restricted groups column in articles grid

Articles grid now shows article access information. It is much easier to determine now if article can be publicly accessed or it is restricted to certain user groups. You can easily tell this by looking at the articles list and no longer need to open the article preferences for that.

Try it now!

Try Online Demo of Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.2 now.

Login to the control panel of your Knowledgebase Manager Pro and launch upgrade if you already own this product.

If you want to install a fresh copy, you can download it from your member area.

Visit our Ideas Lab to submit a new feature or vote for existing suggestion.

Check out 5.2 and let us know what you think!

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