Spell check function support in knowledge base software.

Spell Checking in WSS Knowledge Base

We receive lots of requests to add a spell check component to Knowledgebase Manager Pro.

It is understandable that people want all-in-one solution, but look – each browser that has at least 1% market share has built-in spell check function or may acquire it with a plugin. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera have built-in spell checking feature that checks text on the fly while you’re typing. They support English from the box and if you need some other language you can download dictionary for it in several clicks.

Internet Explorer doesn’t have a built-in spellchecker, but there are lots of plugins for this browser that support spellcheck feature. We recommend IE7Pro for this purpose. You can find the installation instructions for this plugin in our knowledge base. It includes not only spell checking module, but also ad blocker, enhanced tabbed browsing capabilities, inline search, mouse gestures, and other features.

Browser spell checking function is always better than one built-in to a web application, because:

  • it is fast
  • works with all websites
  • checks everything on the fly
  • shows suggestions in context menu
  • supports lots of languages
  • and the last it doesn’t overloads web application/server

Enjoy powerful spell checking function and forget about accidental typos in your knowledge base!

At the same time we are still open regarding any pros on this matter. If you still want built in spell checker in Knowledge Base Manager Pro live your comments here or in our Ideas Lab. Let’s discuss it!

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