Our knowledge base software does not longer need an additional commercial tool for running on IIS servers. Use free URL rewriting module and do not pay extra.

Free URL Rewriting Module for IIS Servers Available – No Need to Pay Extra!

Free URL rewriting module for our knowledge base software. Full support of IIS servers. Knowledgebase Manager Pro uses mod_rewrite on Apache servers as URL rewriting module that allows you to use SEO-friendly URLs in your knowledge base. Previously we recommended a third-party ISAPI_Rewrite tool to provide the same feature for Microsoft IIS servers. Although this tool matches our requirements, it is commercial software and our customers were in need to pay the extra $99 for it.

Free Solution Passed Tests for KnowledgeBase Manager Pro Compatibility!

That’s why we conducted a research in this matter and found a free URL rewriting tool – Ionic’s ISAPI Rewriting Filter (IIRF). This tool has been successfully tested for compatibility in our test lab and completely satisfies Knowledgebase Manager Pro requirements. Although it is free, it is being actively updated and it supports lots of URL rewriting capabilities that usually are not available in other solutions.

Installation of IIRF and its configuration is easy and described in details in our knowledge base.

Do Not Pay Extra!

Feel free to use this tool on your IIS server and purchase knowledge base software for a fair price without any additional charges for IIS environment. Just to note that KnowledgeBase Manager Pro doesn’t require any additional paid modules to function either on Linux/Unix or Windows environment.

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