Best help desk software must have powerful, full featured knowledge base.

Help Desk Software That Skyrockets Sales. Ready to Reload Your Customer Support?

Is it really worth it to enlarge support team to process more and more requests and tickets instead of working on intensive development of customer support by providing your clients with quality and up-to-date support content through help desk knowledge base?

The answer is no, definitely! By accumulating and processing customers’ requests only – you do the monkey job. By working on your knowledgebase you earn money, the first time you save on eliminating repeat support requests and sometimes just because you have provided information of the time required by your customers and the second one is a magic word – customer satisfaction. Let’s take it deeper.

Happy Customer > Recurring Sales and Referrals, easy right?

Most all of us have been in these shoes. You are in need of just a simple answer but your product or service provider doesn’t have anything except support phone and support email or it even has a ticket system or more – leading help desk with knowledge base module but their knowledgebase is old enough, not timely and searching of required answer is impossible-doing task or time consuming because of simplicity of these modules within help desk software. I mean functional simplicity and lack of powerful search engine that will be able to locate answers with customers’ native language searches. But you want to have an answer right now, within 2 clicks max, because you know what you want and what to search. You don’t want to wait on phone line, to tell the support story, and of course you don’t want to submit a ticket and get answer later today, however you have to waste your time and the most important you lose confidence and your customer satisfaction goes to neutral or zero.

Why Knowledgebase Modules within All-in one Help Desk Software Useless to Customers?

Because they are useless to providers themselves. They are too simple for the task of building actual, powerful and searchable knowlebase. Even leading solutions on the market lacks this golden module. They have very advanced ticket system but lack powerful knowledge base, because it is simply useless. Useful knowledge base is not about articles and categories only, it’s all about how easy the customer will be able to locate the answer to his question and at the same time knowledge base software has to be full-featured, transparent and quick for everyday work of the support team in order to be actual and full of quality support content.

Full-featured and Powerful Knowledge Base > Happy Customers > Recurring Sales and Referrals

Providing your customers with always available and actual knowledgebase with powerful search capabilities where they can easily locate answers to their questions anytime, 24/7, you’ll make them loyal to your company, products and services and they will have great customer satisfaction spending another couple of money with you.

The payoff will come in due time because of word of mouth advertising that have the highest CTR and Conversion rate. Reload Your Customer Support and Hire More Sales!

Ladies and gentlemen meet the Best Help Desk Software!

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