Simple Workflow system will be available in WSS Knowledge Base Software from February, 2010.

WSS Knowledge Base Software Gets Simple Workflow System (Approval)

Upcoming maintenance update of our knowledge base software includes not only fixes, but also some small but needful features that have been requested by many of our Customers. Simple Workflow is one of these features.

Workflow or simple approval mechanism is a must have functionality for a company that consists of more than one person. Authors create new articles that may need approval by moderator or manager before being published. While full-functional workflow feature with settings for each category, intellectual assignment for approval, ability to send an article for review, different notifications about changing workflow status, and many other tasty features are planned for one of the future versions, we suggest you to use simple approval mechanism for now.

How Simple Workflow Works?

Simply remove permission to publish articles from a user group, and all articles they create would need an approval by a content administrator.

Publishing permission in knowledge base software

At the same time, this will help your authors to avoid unintentional posting of unfinished articles. They simply are not able to show content to end-users without approval.

Publishing approval in knowledge base software

Full-functional workflow is under active discussion at the moment, so you have the power to influence this feature. Simply post a comment with your vision of this feature in our Ideas Lab. We are looking for your suggestions.

Maintenance update for WSS Knowledge Base with simple approval system is coming in January, 2010. Thank you for your support!

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