This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.


ROI Tracking Pro Screenshots

ROI Tracking Pro - Conversion Tracking reports

Screenshot 1: Effectively manage advertising campaigns in internet.

  • Easily calculate return on each advertising campaign in internet
  • Compare and improve pay-per-click campaigns
  • Discover keywords that bring you most customers (for PPC campaigns)
  • Save money that are being wasted on not-paying ads
  • Set up and track action check points on your web site: newsletter sign-up, online inquiry, brochure request, order
  • Dramatically save your time and improve return on your advertising spending

ROI Tracking Pro will show you how to make your web site marketing more effective.


ROI Tracking Pro - reports - charts

Screenshot 2 : Reports & Charts

Predefined reports display performance of each advertisement, product, or advertising channel. Also, you can view performance for selected groups of advertising campaigns. ROI Tracking Pro General Reports show how many visitors, leads and customers were brought to your web site(s) by each advertisement (banner, link placement). Financial Reports show the cost of advertising campaign, the revenue you received from this campaign, and ROI – the ratio of profits to costs. Keyword Reports show performance of each keyword, used in pay-per-click search engine advertising.

For you convenience, ROI Tracking Pro automatically generates charts from a selected data range. Moreover, you can export this data to CSV format, and then process it with you favorite statistics software, or Microsoft Excel.


ROI Tracking Pro installation and setup

Screenshot 3 : Setup within a few minutes

While so many web-software products require installation by an experienced IT engineer/web administrator, ROI Tracking Pro can be installed even by a novice.

ROI Tracking Pro installation process is supplied with detailed step-by-step instructions, such as which files have to be unzipped and path where you should upload them. There’s no need to change the code, no variables to configure, no database structure modifications. Just follow simple instruction, and have the product up and running in short time!


ROI Tracking Pro - Campaign Wizard

Screenshot 4 : Campaign wizard

Working with ROI Tracking Pro is easy and pleasant. You don’t have to peruse a complex manual first. Start directly from adding advertising campaigns to the tracking system. Informative and handy campaign wizard will guide you through all process.


ROI Tracking Pro - Action Wizard

Screenshot 5 : Action wizard

Curious to know what visitors are doing on your web site? First, you need to set up ‘Actions’, connected to advertising campaigns. ROI Tracking Pro Actions allow you to track page visits, form submissions, service/newsletter subscriptions and other actions a visitor can take on your web site. This data helps you to identify pages where you lose most of your potential clients, and therefore pages you should improve first.


ROI Tracking Pro - Keyword Listings Wizard

Screenshot 6 : Keywords listing wizard

As keywords prices soar up on Overture, Google AdWords and other PPC search engines, it’s dramatic that you know which keywords are most targeted and bring you most of your clients. With ROI Tracking Pro Keywords Reports you can monitor efficiency of each keyword within PPC campaigns: how many visitors used this keyword to find your website, how many of those visitors become leads, and what share of them bought your product or service.


ROI Tracking Pro - general, financial and visitor reports

Screenshot 7 : Indispensable reports for your business

ROI Tracking Pro reporting module contains three predefined reports: general statistics report, visitors report and financial report). The reports present statistical data on your advertising campaigns in clear, informative and well-structured form. If you would like to calculate your own indices, use the ‘export to CSV’ feature.


ROI Tracking Pro - Return on Advertising Budget report

Screenshot 8 : Return on Advertising Budget report

The gist of ROI Tracking Pro software is easy detecting of most profitable and least profitable advertising campaigns. Here comes ROI index, which means the ratio of profits (generated by an ad campaign) to the cost of this campaign.

ROI report will help you to find out which campaigns really drive your business in clear way, without stuffing report page with useless details.


ROI Tracking Pro - general report

Screenshot 9 : ROI Tracking Pro: General report

General report displays the information on number of visitors, leads, and clients, generated by each advertising campaign. Also, you will be able to monitor expenditure, revenue and balance for each campaign. All report data can be presented within any time range, which makes ROI Tracking Pro reporting easy to view and analyze.


ROI Tracking Pro - Financial Report

Screenshot 10 : ROI Tracking Pro: Financial report

As you may have already presumed, financial report of ROI Tracking Pro displays detailed information on the financial side of the campaign. Aside from income and expenditure figures for each campaign, it calculates such figures as average income per client, average cost of attracting a visitor, lead and client. Finally, you are able to see ROAI (return on advertising investment) for each ad campaign you choose. All this information is especially useful for marketing analysis.


ROI Tracking Pro - visitor report

Screenshot 11 : ROI Tracking Pro: Visitors report

In addition to vital campaign performance figures that are present in financial reports, visitors reports show number of unique and total visitors, and visitors-to-leads and visitors-to-clients ratios. Two last ratios provide you with a hint where in the path that lead your web site visitors to purchasing you should make improvements.


ROI Tracking Pro - PPC keywords report

Screenshot 12 : ROI Tracking Pro: Keywords report

for PPC search engine ad campaigns, you are able to see important information on your campaigns search keywords performance. Get the cost of keywords within campaign and time range, and see how much revenue each keyword adds to your budget.


ROI Tracking Pro - Multiple campaigns tracking

Screenshot 13 : Multiple campaigns tracking

While actually tested with 300 advertising campaigns, ROI Tracking Pro has no technical restriction to the number of campaigns you can create, track and manage. Working with 1000 campaigns is fast and convenience, as if you are running a dozen: you can group campaigns by landing site/product, and advertising supplier/site where you ads run from.


ROI Tracking Pro - Multiple actions tracking

Screenshot 14 : Multiple actions tracking

With Multiple Actions TrackingT technology, ROI Tracking Pro allows you to monitor and record almost every movement of your web site visitors. ‘Actions’ are divided into two logical groups: Intermediate Actions qualify visitors as leads, prospects and move them up to the sales pipe-line. Final Actions, as filling out a questionnaire, sending you a request or ordering your product/service, report results that you aim for.


ROI Tracking Pro - Intermediate actions

Screenshot 15 : Track visitors paths on your web site

Building a logical paths that your visitors follow from the home page to order checkout, you can track where on the web site you lose most of your potential customers. Insert Action Code to pages that you define as milestones in customer decision making process, and let ROI Tracking Pro collect the statistics for you.


ROI Tracking Pro - CSV

Screenshot 16 : Export to CSV

Would you like to get more powerful reports, calculate your own indicators, integrate ROI Tracking Pro data into your CRM system? It’s easy. Choose a time range you need, select campaigns you like, and export all data into flexible CSV format with a few clicks!


ROI Tracking Pro - print out capabilities

Screenshot 17 : Print out easy

Need a hard copy of any report? No problem. ‘Print’ button is easy to find, printouts are optimized for A4/letter paper size. Have a report printed in one minute, so you can hand it out to your colleagues on a meeting.


ROI Tracking Pro - flexible configuration

Screenshot 18 : Flexible configuration

Charts The ROI Tracking Pro will provide you with the set of charts (pie chart, line chart, histograms) illustrate your advertising effectiveness. With ROI you will exactly know how does your statistics in time or will be able to compare results for campaigns. No longer will your time be spent calculating if digits in the reports tables mean growth falling into decay – you will have a full picture of business on hand.

Get ROI Tracking Pro now!

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