This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.


ROI Tracking Pro reveals which advertising campaigns bring you paying customers, and which do not pay off. ROI Tracking Pro is built on PHP and MySQL technology, that makes it fast, reliable and inexpensive. With this application on your web site you can track all forms of online advertisement, including pay-per-click listing, banner, link in direct mail or newsletters, sponsored listings etc. For pay-per-click searches (as Google AdWords, Overture), you can track keywords along with advertisements.

ROI Tracking Pro provides real-time reporting that brings each of your advertising to conformity with the campaign origin, containing unlimited number of actions. All campaign actions are divided into two types — purchases, actions that brings you direct income — like ordering a product for example, and intermediate actions like filling out the questionnaire, visiting your product demo page or sending you an information request.

Finally you will be able to find out what makes your site visitors convert into clients — no more waste of time, effort, and money. With ROI Tracking Pro every spent dollar will dramatically increase your profitability, longevity, and marketing punch.

Thoroughly designed and professionally developed this script will guarantee:

  • Easiest and really handy installation in no time
  • Multiple website and ad campaigns tracking
  • Real-time ROI, visitors, expenditure and income statistic for separate actions and campaigns as well as general campaign comparative reports
  • Online access to reports with flexible filtering and sorting options
  • Compatibility with any type of referrer source (PPC or web archives and catalogs)

You can read the entire list of features on the Feature List

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