Form Processor v5 has been released! – A brand new version of our most popular product has been prosperously launched.

Form Processor Pro 5 has been fully rebuilt and has got brand new plug-in architecture that will help you to gather feedback and client’s information on your web sites. Form Processor Pro v5 has completely redesigned core and workflow scheme. It was created on the base of our well-known product Form Processor Pro 4 and was greatly improved for your better use. It was improved after months of close interaction with clients and inside of our developing team itself. Our team made the installation process easy and smooth practically created a wizard for you. Now, there are no separate configuration files for every form created/added and there is only one configuration file responsible for global and local settings.With over 12,000 users worldwide, Form Processor Pro offers a mass of useful features to take full advantage of your web site forms. So, firstly it became multilingual! You can add/change any language yourself by editing one simple text file. Secondly, we have added more than 40 field validations and more than 15 user input modifiers which made operation process more absolute. Thirdly, the security and spam protection approached to be perfect (with CAPTCHA and e-mail harvesting protection, spam injection prevention, SSL support etc.). There are a lot of other useful features, that Form Processor Pro v5 offers to you, to get a clear view on all of them see the comparison table of all features of Form Processor 5 and Form Maker Pro 4 here.One of the main differences between FMP and FPP 5 is payment gateway support, so now you can redirect user to checkout to PayPal, 2CheckOut, LinkPoint. Also, you gained a possibility to save information into Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQLite databases. The same way as if you have a multi-page form you can add back button that allows visitor to return to any page and enter corrections required. All previously entered data will be stored.We tried to make it a perfect form processing tool ever. And we think we did it!

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