New feature suggestion and feature voting system that allows users to influence Knowledge Base Manager Pro development plan in an easy and transparent way.

Influence Knowledge Base Software development plan by feature suggestion and voting for features!

Do you have an idea or a feature request for a product? We want to hear from you! You can now go to Knowledge Base Manager Pro Ideas and Suggestions page and vote for some existing feature requests or add your own feature suggestion. It is easy to see there what features are:

  • recently suggested
  • most wanted
  • planned for the next version
  • under review
  • already completed

When you start typing your feature name, smart search suggests features with similar description that were created earlier. So don’t be afraid to create feature duplicate.

  • Glade
    Would be great if this either had it’s own simple forum script included with it, or simple integration with popular forum scripts such as fluxbb, vbulletin, phpbb or smf. It would make this a killer little software support option.Just a thought.
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