Offshore Dedicated Development Team model becomes very effective for clinets of our partner company – MitriDAT, significant savings without compromising on quality!

October, 2006 – MitriDAT has signed agreement with IOIX, Inc. and will provde it with offshore dedicated development team on long-term basis. IOIX, Inc, is a leading company on the Japanese market that specializes on SEO Marketing.

What Is an Offshore Dedicated Development Team?

Offshore Dedicated Development Team (ODT) is a cohesive group of professionals who work for you for a fixed monthly fee in an Offshore Development Center. All offshore technical infrastructure and communication facilities are at your disposal for an extended period of time. The professionals precisely match your IT and business requirements. Their work is transparent to you and easily manageable as you have full control over the offshore human and technical resources. ODT in a nutshell is higher overall efficiency and quality at lower rates.

The ODT model doesn’t work miracles, but it does turn a number of outsourcing disadvantages into advantages. It secures your tight control over the entire process and makes it possible to increase the quality of work while decreasing the amount of time and effort. Thanks to the recruitment conditions and process control provided by the ODT model, shift overlapping and, moreover, round-the-clock programming become feasible.

ODT is the best solution if you are involved in ongoing development, maintenance, or support projects. It works as an extension of your in-house team, it accumulates knowledge, and it knows how to rapidly implement it for your needs.

What Are the Major Advantages of ODT?

  • 30-60% savings compared to onsite teams and traditional outsourcing
  • Ready to use infrastructure – office space, hardware, software, and communication facilities
  • Immediate availability
  • Rapid scaling of operations
  • Exact match of needs and skills
  • Ever improving service to you
  • People knowledgeable of your business, systems and process
  • Single focus on your goals and continuous increase in effectiveness
  • Full intellectual property rights protection
  • Better control over development process
  • Low risk – high return

What Are the Major Features of ODT?

  • Fixed monthly cost, no overhead
  • Possibility to start with just one dedicated specialist
  • Access to a large and diverse pool of human resources
  • Your direct control over hiring and retention of team members
  • Immediate replacement if any team member is unable to meet your expectations
  • Physically and technically secured environment
  • Team-dedicated network and communication infrastructure
  • Option to shift team’s working hours to synchronize with your time zone
  • Ready to use administrative resources, procedures and management
  • Proven, high-quality software process

What Does MitriDAT Offer?

MitriDAT offers to work with you to set up your Dedicated Team in one of the company’s Offshore Development Centers located in Kiev, Ukraine, providing all necessary infrastructure and logistics. Also, MitriDAT can provide its proven software development methodology, backed by years of experience developing numerous custom software applications, or use your methodology.

Learn more about MitriDAT.

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