Knowledge Base Manager Pro, announce of new front-end feature for better convenience of business knowledge management and creation.

Major front-end update announce for Knowledge Base Manager Pro – Businesss Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Base Manager Pro v5.1 coming soon

Knowledge Base Manager Pro v5.1 is coming soon and brings a lot of major updates and new features. One of the most significant updates is completely new front-end style with modern design, category tree, ability to login, and basic actions on content.

Basic functional abilities

  • Category tree
  • Modern functional design
  • Grouped buttons
  • Ability to login to the front-end
  • Access to articles with restricted access via front-end
  • Creation of articles and categories at front-end
  • Editing of categories and articles at front-end
  • Personal favorite articles list

Use modern functional design with a tree-view for better navigation

Category tree is a much faster navigation widget than our previous quick jump tool.

Tree View and Quick Jump Comparison

You can expand and collapse each node, click on the document or folder to see its contents, etc.

Front-end functionality grows and number of buttons we need to place somewhere increases. To keep front-end clear and functional at the same time, we arranged buttons between three menus.

New Front-End Tools

Login to front-end to see non-public articles and to create new content

Common approach tells us that back-end is designed for creation and management of content and front-end is designed for reading. However, back-end always has tools for article viewing (and this is also true for Knowledge Base Manager Pro), but why we don’t have editing tools in the front-end? It is obvious that insight may come while reading. That’s why in the new version you can open article creation window right from the front-end in a single click or edit typo found in an article.

Add an Article from the Front-End

Knowledge Base Manager Pro includes advanced access permissions scheme. It is an easy and flexible tool to set up who has access to certain sections of the knowledge base and who hasn’t. However, this feature has limited value when user browses knowledge base via front end – all restricted articles are hidden. In the new version you can view all articles you have access to after logging in.

New Front-End Style with Tree View

These features help to make a huge step towards effective business knowledge management.

We are open to discussion about what additional options and features you would like to add to front-end or Knowledge Base Manager Pro software in general. Please, do not hesitate to leave us a comment if you have anything to suggest regarding this topic.

Front-end will be included to the upcoming 5.1 version of our Knowledge Base Software. Release is coming soon. Also you can check full development roadmap of Knowledge Base Manager Pro.

  • Johan L. Mattsson
    Is there some type of maillist I can be put on so get info. right away when the 5.1 is released?
  • admin
    We added you to the mail list and will notify you when 5.1 will be released. You can also subscribe to RSS feed to receive all news and announces at first hand.
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