Knowledge Base Software - KnowledgeBase Manager Pro, announce of custom fields feature for additional level of customization within corporate knowledge base.

Knowledge Base Software: Knowledge Base Manager Pro – announce of custom fields feature.

We would like to present another new great feature of our Knowledge Base Software – custom fields. With custom fields it is easy to customize Knowledge Base Manager Pro to your organization specific needs with just a few clicks.

Custom fields provide additional level of organization and filtration of articles in your corporate knowledge base. They allow greater customizability of types of data collected with the knowledge base entry.

General functional abilities of custom fields in our knowledge base software

  • Unlimited number of custom fields supported
  • It is easy to set custom fields for public or internal use
  • Custom field can be set as required to fill
  • Search by custom fields is allowed from both public and admin area
  • There are specific options for most of custom field types

It is easy to add any custom field with step-by-step wizard. On the first step you choose the custom field type:

Custom Fields

On the second step you can change a wide variety of options for the custom field that you create.

Custom Fields

Custom field types supported in Knowledge Base Software by

  • Text Field (< 255 characters) - A basic single line text box custom field for simple text input.
  • Free Text Field (unlimited text) – A multiline text area custom field for input of longer text strings.
  • Multi Select – Multiple values in a select list.
  • Multi Checkboxes – Multiple values using checkboxes.
  • Radio Buttons – A list of radio buttons.
  • Select List – A single selection list with a configurable list of options.
  • Combobox Field – Single selection from values in combobox.
  • Number Field – A custom field that stores and validates numeric (and floating point) input.
  • Email Field – A custom field with email validation.
  • URL Link Field – Allow links to other websites to be added.
  • Date Picker – A custom field that stores dates and uses a date picker to view them.

With the help of custom fields in Knowledge Base Manager Pro you can

  • create articles for an FAQ applied to different versions of software that you describe
  • separate bugtrack issues between different platforms (OS, browsers, etc)
  • provide documents in different languages
  • show multiple article authors
  • add tags to articles
  • there are variety of other ways to use custom fields within your organization

We are open to discussion about what additional options and features you would like to add to custom fields or Knowledge Base Manager Pro software in general. Please, do not hesitate to leave us a comment if you have anything to suggest regarding this topic.

Custom fields feature will be included to the upcoming 5.1 version of our Knowledge Base Software. Release planned for March 10th, 2009. Also you can check full development roadmap of Knowledge Base Manager Pro.

  • Verdon
    Just thought to have this feature in our knowledge base and found this wonderful post! It’s just as we need it to be. One additional suggestion, we would like to be able to add a custom field that will allow to pick up staff member from KB users.
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