Looking for an application to create web forms easily? Take a look at Form Maker Pro, a powerful yet affordable web form generator with formmail (form processor).

Form Maker Pro is a standalone application which only has to be installed to your server once. Then you can start creating various web forms with a visual tool. In addition, all forms will be automatically processed with a formmail script included in Form Maker Pro.

Owing to its user-friendly graphical front-end, Form Maker Pro is easy-to-use even for a beginner Internet user. Using Form Maker Pro means no more programming is needed to create and adjust web forms.

Unlike Form Builder Pro, which is an online service, Form Maker Pro is a standalone application running on your server.

Form Maker Pro will process all web forms on your site, sending information from web forms to specified email accounts. It is an excellent formmail solution (based on Form Processor Pro) with the unrestricted power of form builder. Use it for creating feedback and inquiry forms; contact forms, order forms, and both simple and complicated forms.

Form Maker Pro is secure and spam-proof, featured with auto responder, "preview" and "thank you" page. It supports user attachments, MySQL database storing, calculations, sending html emails, and many more features.

Form Maker Pro works finely with complex shopping cart forms, multi pages forms, online polls, dependency forms and checkout features.

Give a spin to this great product now!

Already have web forms generated but need a form processor (formmail) script?

Order Form Processor Pro and pay for processing web forms only. Form Processor Pro will be hosted on your server, so you will have exclusive full control to all settings. The script proves its flexibility, so you can configure it to work with any web form of your choice, or even use it as a core for a simple shopping cart. Form Processor Pro is available in PHP and Perl versions. Check the comparison table to make the right choice.


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Form Maker Pro