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Stop words in various languages for Auto Related Articles

Author: Edward Hardin Reference Number: AA-00463 Views: 5984 Last Updated: 01/21/2010 03:24 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

In KMP articles may be linked one with another. By linking two articles you help your customers to find information on corresponding topic. You can create links between articles manually. It is also possible to enable Auto Related Articles mechanism that analyzes articles and create links between them automatically (You can read more about related articles in our Feature Tour.). In order to be maximum efficient with this task, it ignores common words ('stop words'). By default, KMP package includes stop words for English only, but you can add stop words for any other language.

To add stop words to your KMP, follow these steps:

  1. Open Administration > General Settings > Auto Related Articles.
  2. Add stop words separated by commas to the "Stop Words" field.
  3. This article has stop words for some languages as attachments. So you can download the attachment for your language and copy paste stop words from it.

hebrew.txt 941 b Download File