This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.

Features List

Use ROI Tracking Pro to define milestones on your web site, and you will know where visitors leave your site without making a purchase. Refine these pages to increase conversion, and your sales will increase. Thousands of our clients said the ROI Tracking Pro brought their online business to a new high.

Conversion tracking features of ROI Tracking Pro

  • Measure online ad performance
    • Tracks how many visitors, leads, clients and sales you receive from each advertisement or link.
  • Conversion tracking
    • ROI Tracking Pro shows visitors-to-leads conversion, leads-to-client s conversion and visitors-to-clients conversion for each advertising campaign or link. Most targeted ads will give the highest conversion, and you may think of expanding them. Ads with the lowest conversion should be revised.
  • Advertising ROI Calculator
    • For each product you sell, and for each advertisement ROI Tracking Pro calculates return on advertising spending. In other words, ROI Tracking Pro shows how much revenue you receive per advertising dollar. Thus you will know which ad campaigns are more profitable to invest, and which campaigns should be revised.
  • Determine keywords know which keywords are converting to sales
    • ROI Tracking Pro tracks keywords used by visitors to find your web site (works for Google AdWords, Overture, Yahoo, MSN and other PPC searches). The report shows how many people who visited your site (subscribed to your newsletter, bought your product, or did any other actions) used predefined keywords. Thus you will see which keywords give you the biggest share of clients among visitors.
  • Set up visitor actions you want to track
    • ROI Tracking Pro tracks actions of visitors on your web site. Example actions are: product purchase, subscription, contact through a web form, any other form submission, visits to chosen web pages. You can set up as many action as you need. Use actions to identify where potential customers leave your site without making a purchase.
  • Complete financial report
    • You will be provided with detailed information about your expenditures and incomes per each visitor, each action and each campaign.
  • All forms of online ads are supported
    • ROI Tracking Pro can track all forms of online advertising: pay-per-click (ppc) ads and keywords, banner and link placements, links in direct emails and newsletters, email promotions.
  • Supports Google AdWords, Overture, Kanoodle, LookSmart and other pay-per-click search engines
  • No limit to number of ads to track
    • There’s no additional charges for tracking more campaigns. You can have as much as 10,000 online ads, grouped and sorted for convenient use. ROI Tracking Pro will report to you essential results for each ad campaign.
  • Unique and total clicks statistics
    • You can get the statistics for unique visitors and general traffic for each campaign or action tracked by the ROI Tracking Pro.
  • Client statistics
    • The ROI Tracking Pro collects statistics on all clients – paying visitors, by each sale action and advertising campaign and calculate your visitor to client conversion ratio.
  • Lead statistics
    • Collect leads statistics. First, determine what actions a visitor should perform on your web site to qualify as a lead. That might be a visitor who sent you an information inquiry, watched the demo, or asked a presale question via a web form. Paste auto-generated action code into your web page, and enjoy reading statistics on your leads: total number of leads for each for each campaign, visitors-to-leads ratio, leads-to-clients ratio, share of leads for keywords (for PPC search engine campaigns only).
  • Cookie based tracking system
    • Script tracking system is based on cookies technology. You can configure the time when cookies will expire. For example, if one person clicked on your ads three times within an hour, ROI Tracking Pro will count three clicks as one, provided that you configured cookies expiration date.
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options including filtering by date range
    • With ROI Tracking Pro you get daily, weekly, monthly or annually statistics for your advertising campaigns in real time. Date range select is supported. Filtering by campaign name and sorting data by any parameter on your choice is also available.

Technical features of ROI Tracking Pro

  • Intuitive and friendly interface
    • Intuitive visual interface allows you to administrate the product from any location with web access. You can also set the interface resolution according to your monitor settings.
  • Database data storing
    • ROI Tracking Pro is developed in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store all data.
  • Charts
    • Comprehensive set of charts (pie chart, line chart, histograms) to illustrate performance of your advertising campaigns.
  • No traffic limitations
    • The ROI Tracking Pro provides affordable ROI statistics to small, medium and big size businesses. One script can handle unlimited amount of campaigns/actions.
  • Multifunctional campaigns and actions management
    • Convenient and easy-to-use web interface of admin area supported with step-by-step wizards will help you to modify any existing campaign or action in no time.
  • Export to CSV format
    • ROI Tracking Pro exports your reports to CSV format using a determination symbol on your choice. Having your data in CSV you can import it to virtually any statistics software.
  • Print function
    • Print out any report using ROI Tracking Pro interface. Thus you will always have a hard copy of an important report at hand.
  • Flexible script configuration
    • You can configure ROI Tracking Pro to meet your personal business needs by configuring the rules for report creating and tuning the Web interface.
  • Password protected access to admin area.
    • ROI Tracking Pro is protected by password to avoid any unauthorized data or configurations changes, or data drain.

Installation and Configuration

  • Setup within a few minutes
    • Step-by-step installation makes the ROI Tracking Pro really easy to set up. No programming knowledge is needed to configure ROI Tracking Pro.
  • Campaign wizard
    • Campaign wizard will lead you through new campaign creating process step-by-step assisting you with complete and detailed instructions on each step.
  • Automatic code generation
    • No programming knowledge needed to adjust ROI Tracking Pro for tracking your marketing campaigns. Tracking/action code is being generated automatically. Just copy and paste it to your web pages.
  • Cross-platform support
    • Form Processor Pro has been thoroughly tested on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers

Tech Support for ROI Tracking Pro users

Visit Support Center to ask any question about ROI Tracking Pro or request technical support. There you will receive quick and informative response to your presales questions, as well as qualified help on technical support issues. A member of our Support Center will review, answer and publish the answer to your question to your Support Center account, and you will be automatically notified by email.

Registration allows you to submit technical support request, review the history of your questions and support responses. In addition, registered users can report bugs, submit suggestions and request products customization.

Registration is short and easy, and takes less than a minute.

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