Brand New version of Knowledge Base Software released. Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.3 gets new friendly user licensing system and API for better integration with third-party systems.

WSS Knowledge Base Software Updated: Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.3 Released

We are happy to announce that brand new version of Knowledgebase Manager Pro has been released today. Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.3 is finally available for download.

What’s new?

Two main huge updates in the new version are related to the new user accounting system and API.

Staff and Client Users

In the v5.3 you get much more user accounts than before. In addition to current staff accounts, you also get client accounts – read-only accounts that may login to the front-end only.

Client accounts are available starting from 10 Staff & 100 Clients license (ex.: 10 Users License). New licensing system applies to all existing licenses, so all current customers who are using 10 User License or higher will get additional client account with upgrade to the v5.3. See the table below for further information about automated license upgrades.

These Old Licenses Will Be Upgraded to…
…These New Licenses
1 User Account1 Staff Account
5 User Accounts5 Staff Accounts
10 User Accounts10 Staff & 100 Client Accounts
25 User Accounts25 Staff & 500 Client Accounts
50 User Accounts50 Staff & 1,000 Client Accounts
100 User Accounts100 Staff & 5,000 Client Accounts
250 User Accounts250 Staff & 10,000 Client Accounts
500 User Accounts500 Staff & 100,000 Client Accounts
Unlimited AccountsUnlimited Staff & Client Accounts

There are also lots of improvements related to user creation and management:

  • Improved user creation dialogue.
  • User registration.
  • Quick switch between grids with staff users, clients, unassigned users, pending users, and all users.
  • Automated assignment to a new group upon its creation.
  • Suggestions about user approval and assignment.
  • Ability to assign users to a default group upon registration.
  • Notifications to users, groups, and to custom emails about user registration.
  • And more.


Another great feature in Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.3 is API that provides tools for integration of the knowledge base with any other software. It has all tools for pulling data from the knowledge base that you can imagine:

  • Get article lists by custom parameters.
  • Get most popular, top rated, recently added articles.
  • Get categories as a tree or as a list starting from a given node.
  • Get list of glossary terms.
  • Get search results for articles, categories, attachments.
  • And more.

You can read about these features and other improvements on our What’s New page.

We have updated the online demo. Feel free to sign up for a new demo account and start evaluating those great new features.

New packages are available at the member area already. You will get access to them right after purchase.

We need few days more to prepare update packages for those who’re using v5.2.2 or another older version.

  • Michael Moody84
    Very nice information about automated license upgrades for staff and client users.
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