We continue development of our form processing software. However this release shows that every feature that you ever though of is already implemented and every feature that appear in the form mail script is specific for some of form script users.

Form Mail Script Update – Form Processor Pro v5.3 Released. Lots of new features were added to the popular form processing software.

We are happy to introduce major Form Processor Pro update. Most powerful and widespread form processing software has been updated. It has lots of new features. Software documentation has been reviewed. We’ve added more details in the form mail script step-by-step setup guide and extended the FAQ section in order to give answers to most commonly asked questions. We’re currently establishing knowledge base with documentation, FAQs, change logs, and other helpful information about Form Processor Pro as well as for other products of ours. This knowledge base is powered by our flagship software Knowledge Base Manager Pro.

The list of new features in the updated form script:

Conditional required fields

You can set certain fields to be required only if some other condition is fulfilled, for example you can set the “date” field required if the radio button “I’ll attend this meeting” is set to “Yes”. Any logical operation on field values can be used as condition and you can even check if certain values where entered into certain fields.

“Is set” field validation rule

“Is set” field validation rule used when you want to allow form submission only if user gets here from some other certain place (for example from the other form) and sends certain values using GET method. It checks if defined field is set, even if it’s not present on the form itself.

Allowed values validation

We have made new validation rule on our customer request. It enables setting of allowed values for certain fields, for example a list of words or numerical ranges. This feature helps to make your forms much more flexible.

DOC file generation feature

In addition to already existing PDF, XLS and CSV file generating features we added DOC files support. Highly customizable templates can help you to generate DOC files with almost any desired layout and with form fields content. This file can be either sent by email after form submission or saved on your server.

Multiple files zipping

Now you can zip several files (e.g.: user attached files, files generated by Form Processor Pro, or files that are stored on your server) into a single archive, so user won’t need to download several small files separately.

Require blank field

New feature that can improve anti-spam and anti-bot protection. Declare one field for user to leave empty, and he will submit the form easily. However most robot software will fill this field and will be unable to perform submission. You can also use this feature together with CAPTCHA.

Short error message option

You can choose now either to show detailed error message, or short version to save space on the screen, this is extremely useful if you have large forms and numerous fields.

Character Limit validation

Use this to prevent user from entering more characters into a field that you allowed to.

Word Limit validation

This feature will help you to prevent user from entering too much words into a text area.

MySQL selection and update of several entries

This is professional set of features for creating a set of forms, that will allow you to add records to the database, read records, show them in a desired format, select several records and update all of them with those forms.

Optional email sending

Allows you to send emails depending on field values, it can check whether field was filled, if several fields are identical, what letters or words field does contain etc. This can be useful if you want to send one email to all users with addresses with domain yahoo.com and another email to users with domain gmail.com, for example.

CAPTCHA appearance configuration

You can now edit CAPTCHA appearance as you want to, you can change font type, color, background color and CAPTCHA length. It is still highly secure and prevents robot software from submitting the form. Also you can paste simple code into your page for updating CAPTCHA image on the fly, without reloading the whole page.

We always look forward to your feedback and feature requests. You are welcome to leave us a comment, or contact us via phone, live chat, or by email. Satisfaction of our customers is the highest good for us!

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