The Form Maker Pro is truly the snazziest web application for creating usable and great-looking web site forms. With its powerful and intuitive interface you can easily build custom web forms and add them to your site. It has never been so fast and easy.

Updated version of Form Maker Pro 4.7.2 released!

After analyzing suggestions of our customers we have managed to release new version of Form Maker Pro. This version includes fixes to some small shortcomings and new icon set at splash screen. In-built form creation guide is updated as well. It is easy to create forms without looking into the manual now. We added quick help icon to the installation screen, so you can easily access online manual during the installation if needed. If you already have Form Maker Pro, you can download new version from the member area and easily upgrade your installation.

  • Brad
    Love the new site. Really well done! Everything looks really clean and crisp. Nice work with the changes to the side navigation on the secondary pages. It really highlights the key elements and separates everything nicely.
  • Rusty Solomon
    What does the upgrade to Form Maker Pro Cost? I Already have and earlier version of the software. Is it easy to upgrade at the software level?
  • gregory
    You can upgrade Form Maker Pro for free at the moment! Just login to member area and you will be able to download new version. Hurry up, as we plan to add support and maintenance fee at the end of this month!
  • martino
    Please can you send me the update!
  • gregory
    As our valuable client you can download fresh updates from the member area anytime!
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