WSS provides Hosted Knowledge Management Service. It is good for FAQ hosting, as hosted knowledge base service, SaS knowledge base hosting, and FAQ service.

Hosted Knowledge Base Launched by WSS

Knowledge Base Hosting Dilemma

We all face problems with hosting companies from time to time when it is needed to setup even the most popular and simple modules or upgrade server software, and thus the installation of new software can become a nightmare. Instead of starting to play with a new system you begin to "work" with your hosting company: email them, wait for the answer for several days, call to hurry them up, and even when you succeed with that, they wouldn’t go to the root of the matter and tell you that hosting settings are perfect and the problem is your software that mustn’t be installed. They bounce you and instead of positive experience with handy and functional software, you waste your time communicating with your ISP.

No, I don’t want to say that all ISPs behave like that. Not by a long chalk. Often you get quick responses from them and able to solve a problem in a timely manner. Sometimes it happens that your hosting has the most updates server software and it suits all the program requirements in full and you don’t need to install anything extra, and just have everything installed in 5 minutes. But how should you recognize them in advance? And even with the best hosting you would need to spend some time to get all server modules and options up and running.

Hosted Knowledge Base Service as a Solution

This problem easily solved with hosted knowledge base. We have take care of all issues already and created ideal environment for the knowledgebase hosting. You get your knowledge base turnkey with knowledge management service.

By the way, our knowledge base hosting servers are always configured for maximum performance due to smart caching and compression of transferred data. We have conducted a research and were very surprised to find out that only in 12% occurrences our software gets installed on a server with these optimization options enabled!

Doesn’t Have IT Infrastructure? Use SaS Knowledge Base Service

Even more complicated situation with companies that do not have their own IT department. They need to hire specialists, pay them for consulting and work just to setup a server program, and even after that they cannot feel secured against possibility that they will face a technical problem and would need to waste money to resolve it.

Hosted knowledgebase doesn’t have such weaknesses. It is serviced and managed by us in full:

  • We perform initial installation and configuration of the software
  • We update it to the latest version quick and safely.
  • We make automated regular and on-demand manual backups

The only "IT-guy" you may need in this case – is one from our Support Team. He will solve all possible issues quickly and without any additional fees.

SaS Knowledge Base approach (SaS – Software as Service) helps to reach maximum efficiency for both knowledge base service users and hosted knowledge base software providers.

Apart from other advantages, hosted solution is ideally good for a quick start with your brand new hosted knowledge base. Only $49 to start now!

Find out more about advantages, pricing, and features of our hosted knowledge base software.

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