Web Site Scripts launch – MitriDAT Limited launches its software branch as a separate business

March, 2005 – MitriDAT Limited, a leading provider of IT solutions and custom software development services worldwide, announced launch of its software department as a separate business, named Web Site Scripts.

While being a business unit of MitriDAT Limited, Web Site Scripts earned a strong reputation with its products – FormMail: Email Form Processor Pro, Form Maker Pro and Web Calendar Pro among others. The company gained over 50,000 users from more than 50 countries worldwide. With new products announced, transformation into a separate branch is expected to strengthen the market position of the company and develop a recognizable software brand.

Simultaneously, Web-Site-Scripts.com website is announced. The aim of the new website is to represent the company information and provide a uniform location for all Web Site Scripts products, as their number grows.

A sleek and convenient website brings the complete description for every product, and now it is easier for the user to get all the necessary information and choose an appropriate product. Moreover, with its unique discount policy, Web-Site-Scripts.com instantly provides special pricing to the clients who order several products at once. The total discounted price for all chosen products is displayed on every page as the user keeps browsing the website.

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