Backup entire database from the control panel

As a highly-reliable system, Knowledgebase Manager Pro has built-in backup system.

First system is Database Backup System. It saves all information about your knowledgebase:

  • Accounts
  • Article categories
  • Articles
  • Black word lists
  • Article history
  • Information about related articles
  • All statistics
  • User and visitor comments
  • Users and groups
  • Harvested emails
  • Glossary terms
  • Styles and publishing configuration
  • And other necessary data…

In other words, all changes made since you installed the software will be saved to a backup. It means that even if something bad happens with your hosting and you will lose all files and database of Knowledgebase Manager Pro – all is not lost! You can download the last version of application from your member area, install it, import a database backup that you had saved on your PC or burned on CD/DVD and continue using of Knowledgebase Manager Pro with all your data restored.

Database backups

Database Backup System guarantees that you will not lose results of your work with regular backups. You can setup Knowledgebase Manager Pro to make backups automatically by certain period of time.

You can also improve your knowledgebase safeness with the help of Data Recovery feature.

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