Article Edit Locking

Transparent mechanism for simultaneous article editing prevention.

There is a classic problem for a multiuser system as interceding update problem. That’s when several users want to update single data unit simultaneously. This problem is solved in Knowledge Base Manager Pro by article locking. When an article is being opened by one user, it becomes locked and nobody else can open it to edit for some predefined by special setting time.

Article Edit Locking for Knowledge Management Systems

Article will be unlocked immediately if user closes editing window, or if certain amount of time has passed from last saving (this setting is called “Article Unlock Timeout” and can be customized in the application preferences). Article unlock timeout helps to avoid scenario of permanent article locking when user opens article for editing and then closes browser window.

Article Edit Locking for Knowledge Management Systems

You can see that there is also an unlock timeout setting for themes. Themes locking works in the same way – only one user at a time can modify the theme. If he is not active for given amount of time, others users will be able to work with it.

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