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1 How to upgrade Form Maker Pro to new version Featured
2 When I click the Get Pages button a zip file ( is generated, but the archive is empty. Featured
3 Can I use Form Maker Pro on more than one web site?
4 Can Single License support subdomains?
5 Does Form Maker include all features that Form Processor provides, or would I need to purchase both applications to become fully functional?
6 Each time I'm trying submit the form, it shows only blank page or 500 error.
7 Email sending troubleshooting
8 How can I make a few similar forms (for example, for a few different sites I want similar forms)?
9 How can I proceed my existing forms in Form Maker Pro?
10 How I can add image to html-email
11 How I can change permissions on my server?
12 How to use calculations in Form Maker Pro?
13 I am trying to have the form include the attachment, but the attachment does not come through.
14 I don't receive any email after form submitions. Is that possible that my SMTP server doesn't work?
15 I get "Internal server error 500" or just blank page when try to submit a form
16 I have set email format to HTML, and all emails come written in a single line.
17 I want my forms to be created for my own site. What should I do: add my site or use Form Maker Pro Server ?
18 I want my forms to be sent on a few email addresses after submitting. How can I do that?
19 I'm ready for installation. But, what permissions are required for Form Maker Pro?
20 Is it difficult to install Form Maker Pro?
21 Is it possible to transfer FMP to another site with all the forms
22 My server doesn't provide PHP service. What should I do?
23 The data is in hidden fields, are there any limitations concerning number of fields and or amount of data which can be handled with this method?
24 What is the limitation on number of form submitions in Form Maker Pro?
25 What should I input into fields (Username, Email, Password) during installation?
26 Where should the data from my forms be saved once I hit Submit on the form?