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1 Can I use Form Processor Pro on more than one web site?
2 Can Single License support subdomains?
3 Does Form Maker include all features that Form Processor provides, or would I need to purchase both applications to become fully functional?
4 Does Form Processor Pro have an API? How can I use it?
5 How can I allow form to upload and send fiels?
6 How can I allow only certain file extensions for user file uploading?
7 How can I set needed permissions on my server?
8 How do I allow server-side script execution on form pages?
9 How do I make checkbox, choice and dropdown fields required?
10 How do I make group of checkboxes with a one line result in the templates?
11 How do I make selection box required?
12 How I can add image to html-email
13 How I can change permissions on my server?
14 How I can use calculations with Form Processor Pro ?
15 How I can write data from two different forms to two different databases
16 How to add additional spam injection prevention to my forms? I think CAPTCHA protection is insufficient.
17 How to configure storing to log file / text database?
18 How to reconfigure Form Processor Pro v4 form with Form Processor Pro v5?
19 How to restore the forgotten password to the Initial Configuration Script?
20 I already have pages form which is already built in HTML which we need to get live. What do I need?
21 I am about to purchase Form Processor Pro and at the bottom of my cart I have an offer which is Installation. What this is and what the installation fully includes.
22 I get 'Internal Server Error 500' all the time. Persmissions are correct. What must be done?
23 I get error 'Could not send mail via SMTP:...' What should I do?
24 I have set email format to HTML, and all emails come written in a single line.
25 I want my forms to be sent on a few email addresses after submitting. How can I do that?
26 I want to allow file download just after form submission. How can I do that?
27 I've already created a form, how can I set it up to use Form Processor Pro?
28 My email received in wrong encoding. What should I do?
29 My server doesn't provide PHP service. What should I do?
30 My variables doesn't contain any value. What can be wrong?
31 The data is in hidden fields, are there any limitations concerning number of fields and or amount of data which can be handled with this method?
32 What does it mean when it says the license allows up to 5 domains but only one server? Are the 5 domains all supposed to be on the same server?
33 What is correct format for email templates?
34 Where I can download printable, offline, PDF manual of Form Processor Pro