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Unable to login to the knowledge base

Author: Edward Hardin Reference Number: AA-00738 Views: 9869 Last Updated: 09/27/2012 06:06 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

This article serves as a guide for a general issue - inability to login to the knowledge base. This issue can be caused by various reasons and this guide helps to narrow it down.

You Get "Wrong Password" Message

Please check your input. It is possible that Caps Lock is turned on and you're typing your password in wrong letter case.

It that won't help, try to reset your password (unless your user account has been imported from LDAP/Active Directory - in this case you should check your password on the Directory site or check the following step).

If You're Using LDAP

If you're using LDAP integration and cannot login with the correct password, it probably means that your user account haven't been imported from LDAP. This could happen for a number of reasons, so you should contact the knowledge base administrator so they would check the LDAP Troubleshooting steps or go through LDAP integration setup step-by-step once again.

You're Redirected to the Login Page After Login Attempt. No Messages Are Shown

This may be caused by incorrect session setup in PHP, session folder apermissions, or an old version of PCRE library shipped with PHP. This article explains how to solve that.

Client Users Cannot Login

Client user would not be able to login if login option in the front-end is disabled.

Blank Page is Displayed After Login

You're Using KMP v5.4 or Later

This issue must be troubleshooted first to say what causes it. Please enable the error log and try to login to the knowledge base once again. The error log file will suggest the solution. Feel free to send the log to us for investigation if you're not sure what the error message means (they could be pretty vague sometimes).

You're Using KMP v5.3.1 or an Earlier Version

If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, you would not be able to work with the back-end, also front-end functionality will be limited. This usually happens with Internet Explorer browser due to its kind of paranoid security settings. Starting from KMP v5.4 we display a message that suggests you to enable JavaScript, but in v5.3.1 and preceding you would see a white screen in that case. Read how to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer.

Able to Login, but got Redirected to the Front-end Afterwards

If you tried to login to the admin area and have been logged in, but redirected to the front-end page afterwards, it means that you lack permissions to access the admin area. It may happen of your user account is a Client account type (read-only user) or it is a Staff account, but knowledge base administrator has removed your permission to access the admin area. If you're sure that you should have the right to access the admin area, please contact your knowledge base administrator.