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Custom rating creation

Author: Edward Hardin Reference Number: AA-00639 Views: 3765 Last Updated: 07/15/2014 10:34 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

To create a custom rating, follow these steps.

Go to the Customization > Custom Rating Forms page.

Click the "Create Rating Form" button on the panel.

Type the name of the form (it's an internal name and won't be shown to the end users) and select the number of voting options (from 2 to 20). Click "Next".

On the next page type the title of the rating. The title will be the message that invites the user to rate the article.

Fill in the rating options from the best to the least.

On the last page select the type of the rating form. It can be shown as a drop-down menu or as a set of radio buttons.

Finish creation of the rating form by saving it. You can return to edit this form any time.

Here is how the form the we've just created would look in the front-end.

Now you need to select this form at the front-end settings. For that go to the Customization > Styling and Front-end Settings page.

Then click on the "Article" tab and find the "Rating Type" option under the "Rating" subsection.

Select the rating form, you've just created in this drop-down list and click "Save" on the upper panel.

That's it!