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KMP v5.2 Update Notices

Author: Edward Hardin Reference Number: AA-00432 Views: 6285 Last Updated: 12/17/2010 04:58 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

There are several major changes in the 5.2 version that affect your knowledge base, and you should be prepared to check and modify these settings according to your requirements just after update.

  1. Your current front-end theme customizations (those located at Customization > Manage Templates) will not work after the update. It is so because there were some major changes made to the themes engine. You will need to create a new theme after the update and made all changes to it anew. We apologize for the inconveniences in this matter.
  2. Please backup the .htaccess file from the root of your Knowledgebase Manager Pro installation. If you have some specific settings in this file like custom RewriteBase path, DirectoryIndex, AddDefaultCharset, or anything else, you would need to add them after update. They will not be moved automatically.
  3. Attachments indexation is disabled by default. You need to follow the guide to enable attachments indexation.
  4. You may see some categories appear in the root of the category tree. These categories didn't have parents because of a shortcoming in previous version and thus were not shown earlier. New update resolves dependencies and shows those categories in the root. You can do with them anything you want, possibly just delete them.
  5. If you're using publications (Administration > Publications > Publish) with custom styles, we recommend you to create your custom styles anew. Although this version includes some fixes to the publication styles, they will not be applied to the custom styles.
  6. Some front-end settings (at Customization > Styling and Front-end Settings), user preferences, and general application settings (at Administration > General Settings) may be changed with the update. Please review them after update. Possibly you would like to change some of them.
  7. There are some new language strings in English language profile in the new version. They will be added to all your language profiles, so you can translate them at any moment.
  8. There are several translations of the user interface that were not included to this update. You can download needed translations and easily import to your knowledge base.
  9. If you did not do any changes to the default English translation, we recommend you to reset it. Follow these steps to do that:
    1. Go to the Administration > Interface Languages.
    2. Click the "Edit" button for default English language (you can find the default language easily - it can't be deleted, so the "Delete" button is deactivated).
    3. Click the "Restore to Default" button in the window header.
    4. Click "Save&Close".
    5. Press Ctrl-F5 to reload the application.
  10. If you have done some changes to the default English language (possibly you have corrected some typos), please send us this language file by clicking the "Send to WSS" button. We will compile it with the new updated language file and send it back to you.