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Email sending troubleshooting

Author: Antony Corsten Reference Number: AA-00393 Views: 5304 Last Updated: 04/26/2010 01:07 PM 54 Rating/ 7 Voters

Email sending troubleshooting

Email template troubles

In most cases problems with sending emails are caused by incorrect email field name.

For example you have email field: [e_Email] in To field.

And then you made it required. Field name will be changed to [re_Email]. In email template there still will be field [e_Email] and after processing by the script this value will be empty because field with name ‘e_Email’ no longer exist.

To fix this reenter field name in To field of email template (click on field name in the list of fields on the right when editing email template).

Server limitations

The other issue can be connected with server limitations. They can be:

  • Limitation on email addresses in From Field. Often server require email to be sent from address which belongs to your domain. In this case you need to put in From field address like
  • Limitation on email addresses to which emails can be sent. Usually only on email addresses in your domain. In this case in To field you need to have something like and in From

Incorrect default SMTP server address

Form Maker Pro takes SMTP server address from default server settings. On some servers this value is incorrect or do not work.

In this case you need to contact your ISP and ask them what is your valid SMTP server address.

After you have SMTP server address open in text editor file fmp_folder/forms/formprocessorpro.php and add line:

ini_set('SMTP', 'server_address');

Where server_address is the address of your SMTP server.

This line shluld be added after line <?php , so you will have:

ini_set('SMTP', 'server_address');