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Email sending troubleshooting

Author: Antony Corsten Reference Number: AA-00392 Views: 7516 Last Updated: 10/21/2009 08:45 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

Email sending troubleshooting

Template issue

In most cases you can get email error if you have troubles in email templates.

Here are some simple rules that can help you to fix your email template:

  • Email template should have at least 3 headers: To, From, Subject.
  • All headers like except To, From, CC, BCC must include a valid email address or email field name in proper format (e.g.: {#email#} )
  • There must be no empty lines between headers
  • There must be at least one empty line after headers (between headers and body of email template)

Using these simple rules you can check your email template and fix it if it has errors in formatting.

If you edited your email template in visual editor (if you send html email) you need to open your template in simple text editor (fir example notepad) to see if header section do not contain any extra text or symbols.

Visual editor can insert html tags in header which prevent email template from working correctly.

If you use email in HTML format, first tag must start after empty line. No tags are allowed before or between email headers. Example of correct HTML email:

To: <>
From: {#email#}
Subject: Hello

<p>Message text</p>

SMTP issue

If instructions above did not help this can be SMTP server issue.

Go to the Initial Installation Script (fpp_folder/install/) to step 2 - Email server settings.

Fill the fields:

SMTP server - SMTP server address (can be domain or IP or localhost)

SMTP port - port to  connect SMTP server.

You can get these settings from your ISP support or FAQ.

Save settings, enter your email in Your email field and press test.

If everything is ok - use these settings.

If your SMTP server requires authorization then fill fields

SMTP login

SMTP password

Save settings, enter your email to Your email field, check use authentication box  and press "test".

If everything is ok - use these settings.

If you use SMTP authorization - use auth_email action instead email action - this will send email using authorization.

Server limitations

Very often SMTP servers has limitations on sending emails. They can be:

  • Limitation on email addresses in From header. Often server require email to be sent from address which belongs to your domain. In this case you need to put in From header address like
  • Sometimes there is limitation on email addresses to which emails can be sent - server allows only email addresses in your domain. In this case in To header you need to have something like and in From
  • No carbon copies (CC and BCC) allowed.
  • You can set several emails to the To field, but mail server may not allow more than one email address there.

If nothing above helps you will need to contact your ISP and clarify why emails are not sending.

Or you can contact our support department for help.

For more information about email sending action see article on our knowledge base:

Email Sending Action