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Author: Antony Corsten Reference Number: AA-00362 Views: 4657 Last Updated: 07/24/2009 05:56 AM 0 Rating/ Voters


About Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro

Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro is the script that can be used to process any forms on your web site. The general use of this script is feedback forms but it can be used in a huge variety of other ways. Here are just a few features of this great product:
  • It’s easy to install and customize
  • Works with any form
  • You have full layout and design control
  • It can process Multiple Pages forms
  • Works with email and user attachments
  • One script can process any amount of forms
In short, Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro script is the most powerful, easiest to setup Form Processor around!

Just some ideas on how and where it can be used:

  • Contact Forms
  • Different User Feedback Forms
  • On-line Polls
  • On-line Order Processing
  • Simple Shopping Cart Checkout Solution
  • Auto responder
  • Data storage

Feature List

Complete list of features of the Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro
  • Easy to install and to customize
    No programming knowledge needed to install the script and configure your forms to work with it
  • Works with any form
    Form Processor Pro will work as well with simple feedback forms and up to shopping cart complexity forms with multi pages form, logs, and checkout features
  • One script works with unlimited number of forms
    Unlimited number of different forms can be processed with one script.
  • Full layout and design control
  • Configuration via separate CFG file
    There is a separate CFG file for every form with its own configurations.
  • Multiple Email sending
    Can send any number of different and unique e-mails
  • Multiple Output
    Output (append) to any number of different and unique files
  • Multiple Pages Forms
    Does not have to send email on every submission, you can have the form take a number of steps to fill out before finally being logged or emailed
  • Database storing
    Can store in a simple textual format CSV, TXT etc. or your own free format
  • Preview before submission option
    Forms can be split into multiple web pages before the entire e-mail message is sent
  • Works on Unix and Windows platforms
  • Mathematical Calculations
    On data supplied in the form and included as default - so you can total orders, work out shipping etc. support + - / * ( ) and Round operations
  • Environment Settings
    (i.e. current time with Time Zone configuration, user's hostname, URL etc.) may be included in the templates
  • Required Fields
  • Data Check
    Script can check that entered data matches a particular format - i.e. all digits, a syntactically correct e-mail address, letters only, etc.
  • Simple and easy to understand error messages
    You have full layout and message text control
  • Security, SPAM Free
    You can specify what forms & sites are allowed to use the script
  • SendMail and SMTP email sending
  • Attachments
    Predefined and user attachments
  • Unique Reference number
    Normally used for ordering process as unique transaction number, generated from time and date using random function, absolutely unique
  • Save to eMail lists
    Using DB template you have full control over structure of DB and store emails as email lists with additional data.
  • Multiple recipients CC support
  • Use for on-line orders
  • Return Input to visitor
    Control over fully customizable templates, see templates feature
  • Customize success pages
  • Dependency forms and results
    You can configure your form so that recipient (eMail, file etc.) depended from the entered data (select menu etc.)
  • IF condition
    You will be able to create sophisticated forms with many conditions
  • Multiple selections in list box and checkboxes
  • Required value for radio buttons, checkboxes and select
  • HTML Emails
  • Hide return inputs
  • User Select recipients
  • SSL Support
  • Works with all domain names
  • Excellent for large forms
  • Priority support 24/7
          and much more features..
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you didn’t find required feature in this feature list. May be we just forgot to include it here. We will be pleased to answer.

Submit new feature

Please feel free to submit a feature that is not in the list or any updates to the current features. Just advices are also greatly appreciated.