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Introducing Web Calendar Pro

Author: Antony Corsten Reference Number: AA-00353 Views: 4241 Last Updated: 07/23/2009 08:31 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

Introducing Web Calendar Pro

Web Calendar Pro is a powerful yet easy to use multi-language calendar system.
If you have ever used calendar integrated in Microsoft Outlook™, you will be surprised how enjoying is online event planning and calendaring with even more features, all integrated in Web Calendar Pro. In addition, you can easily export events created in Web Calendar Pro to the most popular formats (vCal, eCal) compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Eudora and other organizers.


Web Calendar Pro 4.0 is developed to run on any Windows- and Unix- compatible platforms (web-servers) and has standard requirements for PHP scripts. The script will work on the most servers without any additional software installation.
Web Calendar Pro 4.0 needs PHP 4.3.1 or higher and MySQL database to be installed on the system. Both MySQL and PHP packages are commonly available at the hosting server.

Types of calendars

Web CalendarPro allows you to work with both public, or password protected – private calendars. To work with public calendars you do not have to register as a user and to enter your username and password when log in to the calendar.

To work with a private calendar you need to register as a user of this calendar. To do that:

Click the link on the Login page to open a registration form window;

  1. Enter your first name, your last name and your valid email address in the corresponding fields;
  2. Enter your login and password to use on logging in to WebCalendarPro;
  3. Reenter your password to confirm it in "Password Again" field;
  4. Choose the calendar you want to register for in the drop-down "Calendar" list;
  5. Click either the RegisterButton button to submit the registration or the button to cancel the registration and close the registration form window;
If the calendar in the drop-down calendar list has an "activation" label this calendar requires an administrator's of the calendar authorization to register a new user.

How to configure an event in a few steps

To add, edit or delete an event you need to open an event editor. The event editor screen is displayed when double clicking on any 
day, double clicking on any event or when the  button is clicked. 

A. To add a basic event you just need to open an event editor and fill in its required fields-specify the theme, location and time of  your event. 
B. To edit an existing event open an event editor, edit the event and click the  button. 
C. To delete an existing event open an event editor and click the  button.