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How can I make a few similar forms (for example, for a few different sites I want similar forms)?

Author: Antony Corsten Reference Number: AA-00214 Views: 4906 Last Updated: 06/24/2009 10:55 AM 17 Rating/ 3 Voters

We have such feature as Preset in Form Maker Pro. In order to use it, please  do the following:
1. Log in to Form Maker Pro.
2. Click on "Forms" button.
3. Click on the form that you want to add to presets (e.g.: "Myform").
4. You can see line of buttons over the form page list. There are "delete", "add new page", "styling", "clear style", "add to presets", "form preferences" buttons.
5. Click on the "add to presets" button.

Next time you will be able to choose the preset with the name of added form ("Myform" in
our case) on the New Form creation page.