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KnowledgeBase Manager Pro vs Competitors

Author: Gregory Koldman Reference Number: AA-00205 Views: 18280 Last Updated: 12/18/2009 08:06 PM 63 Rating/ 8 Voters

How KnowledgeBase Manager Pro Stacks Up Against Competition

The chart below gives a side-by-side comparison between Knowledge Base Manager Pro and major competitors.

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro
Web 2.0 and AJAX Interface
Optimized for everyday tasks with quick and responsive interface based on modern AJAX technologies and designed by real professionals in usability. Most actions performed x-times faster than in old fashioned web applications. Yes, you should be a little prepared to utilize all the benefits of such application. Just open your mind and try everything you see in application work area and you'll be amazed how easy, fast and responsive the KnowledgeBase Manager Pro!
Old, Tortoise Speed Applications
Yes, they can have pleasant graphical interface, just to attract novices. But they have nothing between powerful applications with really useful interface. This is a marketing trick. However the most important, they also have old fashioned technology when any operation requires reloading the whole page just to get new set of data or move from management of one item type to another. In addition many operations require several such reloads, dramatically reducing work performance everyday!
Easy KB Structure Management
With KnowledgeBase Manager Pro you have categories and articles management in one place as both are main items of your knowledge base. Here you can always add new category, move it or rename just in one click! As well you can browse your KB articles, sort, filter and search them easily and even show articles from several categories at once. Here you can also perform group operations, importing and more. Managing KB structure and articles is so easy and fast with KnowledgeBase Manager Pro!
Separate, Hard Management
You have to make many operations browsing through different modules. Want to add, rename or move a category.. yep you should go to appropriate module then and perform dozen of operations with page reloads. This is true almost for anything in the application(s).
Easy Access to Article Attributes and Linked Information
Just open an article in view or edit mode and all attributes and linked content available in tabs: Advanced (Advanced Article Attributes), Custom Fields, Attachments, Related Articles, Auto-Related Articles, Comments, Negative Article Rating and Comments, Version History etc. You can easily browse whole information linked to the article and change it if you need to.
Divided by Modules
You can't just open an article and view all the content that is linked to it as well as you can't edit it right there. So, you need to do more movements to get what you want.
Advanced Custom Fields
Much more custom field types available, like: WYSIWYG, Check boxes, Radio Buttons, Select Lists, Multi-Select Lists, Combo boxes, Number Fields, URL Links, Date and Time Pickers, besides standard text custom field type. You can make any custom field to be required to be filled, for internal use only or searchable both in front-end and back-end separately. There are dozens of other options available that vary with field type.
Simple Custom Fields or Not Available
In most cases just text and select fields available (if any) without any additional options like required, searchable, etc.
Article Drafts
You can easily create a draft article that will be visible to current user only. Thus you can always have your ideas, or changed but not published articles in your KB.
NO Drafts
You can't just add a draft article idea that will be visible to you only as well as you can't edit published articles without publishing of these changes.
Article Auto Saving
Great feature if you forgot to save long article while typing it online.
NO Auto Saving
By loosing important information you'll understand that is it very important feature for any content driven application.
Fast and Optimized Search
KnowledgeBase Manager Pro's team always think about huge loads and huge data sets as well as quality and relevance of search results. Thus every function optimized to be stable and fast in enterprise environment. Search speed and its relevance is what we have explored the best and implemented in fast and reliable search across KnowledgeBase Manager Pro.
Slow and NO Relevance
We have examined all applications to be slow in search and producing not relevant results. This is a bogus bug in enterprise or huge loaded environments. You or your clients should be able to find what they need and get results in a reasonable time!
Full-featured Operations in Front-end
You have all editorial features for articles and categories available in public area. Thus you can easily add or edit a category or an article or any of its attributes as well as linked content within front-end part while viewing your knowledgebase.
Either Limited or Not Available
You can just edit title and content of an article but you can't attach files, add related articles, moderate comments or change article attributes etc.
Tree View Categories in Front-end
In some cases it is the best way to represent information and navigation within knowledge base or online documentation.
NO Tree-view or Buggy and Slow
Few implementations that we have found are slow and not cross browser.
Powerful Bulk Operations
Bulk operations available for all data in KMP. There are plenty of bulk operations for main items like articles. You can perform dozen of bulk operations on articles quickly and easily. With article bulk operations you can change: category, access permissions, author, date created, rating, number of views, publishing and expiration dates, mark article as featured, as well as copy, move and delete articles.
Just Delete or Not Available
But what if you want to move some articles from one category to another, copy them or change attributes quickly? Their solution is to open and edit articles one by one! Not an option!
Article Recovery
Useful if someone suddenly deleted wrong article or simply you want to restore accidentally deleted article. It is also useful if novices have access to knowledge base and deleted something important.
NO Article Recovery
Article has been deleted for some reason? Just forgot that you had it as you can't restore it at all!
Remote Publishing
You can publish whole knowledge base, one of its categories with or without subcategories, one single article or the block with auto-suggested articles from your knowledge base based on the content of the page on which it will be loaded. Publications can have their own language, style and settings. All changes made in your knowledge base immediately available in appropriate publications.
NO Remote Publishing

Module Quick Search
Quick search available in all modules for all types of data in KnowledgeBase Manager Pro. It's useful in everyday work with your knowledge base.
Either in Articles Module Only or Not Available
Only delete operation available.
Useful Quick Filters
With quick filters you can easily filter items by many parameters that is also useful in everyday work and will improve your work performance. Filters available in all modules across KnowledgeBase Manager Pro.
Not Available

Meta Data for Categories
Categories are also pages and thus have meta data that you can fulfill to improve SEO. Meta data also used by search function in KnowledgeBase Manager Pro.
Not Available
Title only, but you can't type meta keywords or meta description to the category.
Article Rating Trends
You can track how article rating changes in time.
Not Available
Multilingual Support in Glossary Alphabetical Navigation
You can have alphabetical glossary navigation in front-end on any language as it is automatically generated from first letters of terms.
Not Available or English Only
Database Backups Module
You can backup your entire knowledge base and restore it with one click if you will need to.
Not Available
Automated Database Backups
You can set database backups to occur with certain period of time automatically.
Not Available
Harvested Emails Module
When users write comments, questions etc. they leave email addresses and you can have all email addresses of your users in one place. Exporting option is also available. This is useful if you want to send emails to your users.
Not Available
Advanced Search Engine Friendly Links
There are several options for SEO links that you can have with KnowledgeBase Manager Pro. Either article title only or full path with category titles as well. Ability to set extension for URLs, etc.
One Option or Not Available
Importing of Articles from CSV and XLS through the Wizard
You can choose several options of article importing like delimiter and format.
You Should Meet Special Format
In most cases you don't know the format and it is not described.
Article Subscriptions Management
Users of your knowledge base can subscribe to receive article updates and/or comments by email. There is a module to manage these subscriptions.
Not Available
Category Subscriptions Management
Users of your knowledge base can subscribe to receive new articles that are added to the category by email. You can manage these subscriptions from the separate module.
Not Avaialbe
Updater Module
Special updater module will inform you on release of new versions and you'll be able to easily update KnowledgeBase Manager Pro through update wizard.
Either Check Only or Not Available
You will be notified only but you'll need to perform manual update.
Google Gears Enabled Application
Google Gears is a speed improvement technology by Google implemented in KnowledgeBase Manager Pro. It allows storing of static content like images, JavaScript and CSS files on your computer and not loading them from the net every time you load KnowledgeBase Manager Pro. This feature drastically increases admin area loading speed.
Not Available
Multiple Interface Languages
You can have multiple interface languages in KnowledgeBase Manager Pro at a time and staff users can choose the language they want in their profile. Different interface languages can be also used for separate publications.
One Language Only
You can have only one language enabled in a time.
Edit Languages through Web Interface
In KnowledgeBase Manager Pro you can either translate in application itself or export language file and then import it back.
Text Files Only
Custom Ratings
You can create your own scale and style.
One Hard Coded Type
You can't change rating type or style. For example you can't get a custom scale from 1 to 10 or your own style.
Per User Preferences
Staff members have preferences that allow them to tune KnowledgeBase Manager Pro according to their preferences. Availability of user preferences can be controlled by administrator as well.
No User Preferences
Side-by-Side Comparison in Version History
You can compare article versions side-by-side and check differences easily.
Not Available
You have to open both articles separately and find what have been changed.
AJAX Enabled Actions in Front-end
Front-end operations in KnowledgeBase Manager Pro are AJAX'ed and thus dramatically improve end user experience.
Few Page Reloads for Any Operation
More Settings and Styling for Front-End Part
There are a lot of settings and styling options for front-end part of your knowledge base. These options allow you to easily customize, enable or disable functions and change logo through web interface. Besides these easy to manage settings you also have ability to fully customize the look and feel through template management module.
Less Options Available
Just basic features, customization and styling options available.
LDAP Integration Support in All Versions
ANY version of KnowledgeBase Manager Pro can be integrated with your LDAP server. No additional charges!
LDAP Available in Enterprise Licenses Only
LDAP integration is available in costly Enterprise versions that start from $2,000...
RTL Support
KnowledgeBase Manager Pro supports right-to-left writing and includes RTL templates. One checkbox switches a theme into right-to-left mode. You can even create your own custom theme with RTL support!
Not Available
It is hard to find a solution that supports right-to-left writing.
Indexation of Documents of All Popular Formats
Knowledgebase Manager Pro can search in lots of different document formats including PDF, RTF, TXT, DOCX, DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, HTML, JPG, TIF, VDX, DOT, and 25 other formats!
No Indexation or Several Basic Formats Only
Natural Language Search and Boolean Search
Both full-text search methods find exactly what you need. Fast!
Keyword Search
Usually only basic keyword search is available. It rarely shows good search results. You just need to know where the sought for item is located because you'll never find it otherwise!
Full-featured solution with enterprise features starts at $389.
Average price for just a normal (at least working) solution starts at $500.
Solution with enterprise features starts at $2,000...