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Author: Eileen Wilde Reference Number: AA-00196 Views: 9012 Last Updated: 06/23/2009 07:35 PM 0 Rating/ Voters
  • Protect your email templates

Store email templates in a separate .htaccess protected directories to protect them from outside browsing.

  • Protecting your form from bots and auto-filler scripts

In order to protect your forms from automated submissions by bots and auto-filler scripts, you can use CAPTCHA feature. It will include a graphical image with certain symbols that only humans can read and type into a special verification field.

  • Use absolute paths in HTML templates instead of relative paths.

You may store the file with the first page of the form separately from other files.You can easily store each HTML file in a different folder. Therefore, relative paths to the same files may differ. So, specify absolute paths in all links, images etc. on your form pages. Otherwise, all relative paths will be relative to the fpp directory, but NOT to the web site page.