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My second form page/preview page has broken images/styles/scripts. How can I fix this?

Author: Eileen Wilde Reference Number: AA-00188 Views: 5397 Last Updated: 10/21/2009 08:59 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

Most likely you have relative URLs to images/styles/scripts on your form pages and they are relative to Form Processor Pro URL, NOT to your web site page URL and thus seems to be broken.

To fix this you may use absolute URLs for all links, images, styles, JavaScripts, etc. in form page templates. However it might take time to change all these URLs, so there is more simple and quick solution:

Use HTML tag <base> to specify the base URL to form on each form page. You need to put it just after the <head> tag:


<base href="URL_TO_PAGE">


First form page is:

Then base href must be as follows:

<base href="">