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Language Settings

Author: Eileen Wilde Reference Number: AA-00182 Views: 5497 Last Updated: 06/23/2009 07:31 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

Language Settings

Adding your own language

To add your own language, you have to create a new language file in fpp/lang

To do that just copy the previous en.lang.php file and rename to ##.lang.php , where ## is a two letter country code, e.g. fr.lang.php for France.

Then you have to translate the right part of the php file to the language selected.


$l ['var_name'] = 'string'


$l ['file_permissions'] = 'File Permissions';

should be in French:

$l ['file_permissions'] = 'File Permis';
You have to leave '%s' signs and escape special characters (e.g. ' to \' and \ to \\) for the FPP v5 to work properly.


Don't  =  don\'t
‘configure the "MySQL" server‘  =  ‘configure the \"MySQL\" server ‘

Changing the Language

You can choose your language with the “language” setting.

Example (config file):

language = en


Sets the English language for all Form Processor Pro messages.