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Error Message Block

Author: Eileen Wilde Reference Number: AA-00175 Views: 5208 Last Updated: 06/23/2009 07:20 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

You may output the error messages block in any position you wish. Use a special parser tag to do it:

<!-- FPP_ERROR -->

In case of error or improper user input, the tag will be replaced by an error message.

If you wish to change the way error messages are shown, you have to implement these settings  in the configuration file:

error_block_begin - Error block beginning HTML
error_block_end - Error block ending HTML
error_msg_begin - Error message beginning HTML
error_msg_end - Error message ending HTML
error_field_style - Error field CSS style


error_block_begin = <TABLE align="center" border="1">
error_msg_begin = <TR><TD>
error_msg_end = </TD></TR>
error_block_end = </TABLE>
error_field_style = border: solid 1px red; background: yellow;

If an error occurs, the user will see the error message like a table, and error fields will be highlighted by a red border and yellow background.

You can suppress text about which fields were not filled correctly, and show your custom text instead of it using short_error_message in the config.php file


short_error_message = Please, fill in highlighted fields with correct information.

If an error appears, the user will see only the line:  Please, fill in highlighted fields with correct information.

Put the <!-- FPP_ERROR --> tag at the point in the page where you'd like to display the error messages.