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Optional Email Sending

Author: Eileen Wilde Reference Number: AA-00173 Views: 7293 Last Updated: 10/20/2009 09:50 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

Optional email sending allows you to send email depending on the field values that were entered to the form.


email = path/file[, parameters]


path/file - is the common email sending parameter, that points to the email template file

parameters - can be any expression using logical operators: == (for "equals"), != (for "not equals"), || (for "OR"), && (for "AND"). If you do not check the value of some field, Form Processor Pro will check if this field filled. Special parameters: contains and does_not_contain, which check if word or phrase is contained or not in some variable.


email = ../form/email.txt, "{#field_name#}"
email = ../form/email.txt, "{#field_name#}" != "some_value"
email = ../form/email.txt, "{#field_name#}" && "{#field_name2#}"
email = ../form/email.txt, '{#firstname#}' == 'firstname' && ('{#email#}' contains '')


First line: if field_name is not empty, email will be sent
Second line: if field_name is not some_value, email will be sent
Third line: if field_name and field_name2 are not empty, email will be send.
Fourth line: if firstname has the value firstname and email contains

Condition can be any condition that is accepted by PHP.

Each value must be put in quotes or double quotes.