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Payment Gateways

Author: Eileen Wilde Reference Number: AA-00157 Views: 6022 Last Updated: 09/28/2015 11:16 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

Payment gateway actions help you to create shopping carts. If your form has this action, the user will be redirected to the payment checkout system after submission.

  1. PayPal
  2. 2Checkout
  3. LinkPoint
  4. eWay


Redirects the form users to PayPal checkout. It has three required parameters and one optional parameter. First argument is your PayPal  business name, the second is the name of item to be sold, the third is the item's price (in U.S. dollars), the fourth argument sets the URL of the page where the user will be taken after the PayPal payment is complete (by default the user will see the PayPal main page), the fifth argument sets currency (you can find currency codes here:


paypal_checkout =, My special product, 30.95[, http://return_url/ [, currency_code]]
Square brackets are used to describe optional parameters. Please remove any square brackets from your configuration.

To check your PayPal script on PayPal Sandbox, you have to use paypal_sandbox_checkout action.


paypal_sandbox_checkout =, My special product, 30.95[, http://return_url/]


Redirects form users to the 2Checkout checkout page. The first four variables are required arguments.

  1. SID - is your 2CO's vendor id (SID)
  2. total - is the total amount of the purchase. You can use "Mathematical calculations" and ""If"_condition" to calculate the total amount of purchase. You can also find examples of calculation in the "Checkout page with connection to payment gateway" demo form.
  3. unique_number - is the shopping cart session's  unique number. You can use the{#%UNIQUE_REFERENCE#} function that will generate a unique number for each submission.
  4. product1_id, product1_quantity,product1_price - the 2CO id of your product, the number of items and the product price.

You can set as many products as you wish. Product_price and product _quantity are optional parameters, if not specified product price will be set by 2CheckOut system to the default value, and product quantity will be set to 1. You can leave the space between commas empty to omit optional parameters.


tco_checkout = SID, total, unique_number, product1_id, product1_quantity, product1_price, product2_id, product2_quantity, product2_price, ...


tco_checkout = 1234567, 139.90, {#%UNIQUE_REFERENCE#}, my_product1, 2, 69.95


You can charge user credit cards via the LinkPoint payment gateway. Five parameters are required.

  1. Your config file number (e.g. 1234567)
  2. Credit card number (e.g. 41111111111111111111)
  3. Card expire month (e.g. 10)
  4. Card expire year (e.g. 07)
  5. Amount to charge (e.g. 39.95)

Also, you should put your PEM file in the tmp/ directory.


linkpoint_checkout = 1234567, {#card_num#}, {#card_exp_month#}, {#card_exp_year#}, 40.00


Integration with this gateway consists of 2 actions:

  • eway_checkout
  • eway_checkout_response

eway_checkout sends request to the server with payment data. Then user finishes payment process.

eway_checkout = customerId, userName, amount, currency, returnURL, cancelURL[, language[, server]]
Language can be: en, es, fr, de, nl
Default language is en.
Server can be:,,
Default server is

Example of usage:

eway_checkout = 87654321, TestAccount, {#amount#}, USD, http://dev/anton.vinokurov/fpp5/fpp/index.php?fpp_form=checkout_page_with_connection_to_payment_gateway_eway_result&name={#name#}&email={#email#},, EN,

In this example after payment is completed user will be directed to another form with URL:

On this form you can use another action - eway_checkout_response which allows to load data about payment that user just made.
Syntax is:

eway_checkout_response = AuthCode, ResponseCode, ResponseText, ReturnAmount, TrxnNumber, TrxnStatus, TrxnResponseMessage, MerchantOption1, MerchantOption2, MerchantOption3, MerchantReference, MerchantInvoice, ErrorMessage[, Server]

It will load data from the server in variables which names are taken from action parameters.
Then you can use them in email or later on your form.
For example you can display server response on form:
Server response is: {#ResponseText#}

These actions allow to make process like: fill form -> make payment -> see confirmation and send email with confirmation to admin.

Payment gateways support is only available with the following licenses: Business, World Wide, ISP.