Form Processor v5 announced – the brand new version of our most popular product will be released on May, 2008

December, 2007 – Web Site Scripts announces the brand new version of its popular Form Processor Pro PHP script to be released on May, 2008.Form Processor Pro is a tool used to gather feedback and client’s information on your web sites. With over 10,000 users worldwide, Form Processor Pro offers a mass of useful features to take full advantage of your web site forms.Form Processor Pro 5 will be fully rebuilt and will have brand new plug-in architecture that will help us to add required features within days.Form Processor Pro 5 will have the following features:
  • Extremely Simplified configuration
  • Will not require any modifications to already created forms
  • You don not need to rename your fields
  • 50+ validation types
    • Required (not empty)
    • Email, Word, the same as another field
    • Integer, Numeric, Float, Percentage
    • Date, Time, Month, Day of month, Days of week or their abbreviations
    • Credit Card, Social Security Number, VAT Number
    • URL, Domain Name, IP, IPv6
    • ISBN, ICD6, VIN
    • Phone, State, Zip or Postal codes for US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands and others
    • ZIP, Picture, MS Office files
    • File extension validation
    • And much more (55+ validation types)
  • Advanced email sending options
    • Sendmail
    • SMTP
    • Secured SMTP
    • IMAP
  • Database support
    • mySQL
    • Postgre SQL
    • MS SQL
    • Oracle
    • ODBC
    • SQLite
    • Firebird/InterBase
  • File logging feature – flat file database
  • Ability to work with HTTP requests (GET) for connection to other scripts
  • Connection to credit card processors
    • Authorize.NET
    • LinkPoint
    • PayPal
  • Multilingual Support anywhere (Notes, Errors and Filled forms). You can add/change language/phrases easily by editing single flat file
  • No annoying Error pages – will view errors and highlight required fields on the same form page
  • Zip compression of submitted data
  • FTP put operations
  • Advanced CAPTCHA support
  • Calculations become extremely powerful as they will include almost all possible operations and their combinations
  • Modifiers – new feature that will allow you to format filled data for template output or data storage operations
  • Ability to output to PDF
  • And much more!
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